Instructions for Online End Term Theory Examinations
Online Exam URL:

1. Student need to login on LMS (tattva) portal with given credentials.
2. Total duration of time is 150 minutes (120 minutes for attempting the questions and remaining 30 minutes
for uploading the answers of descriptive questions).
3. A Microsoft team link will be there, Student need to join that and start there camera and enable mic entire
duration of exam.
4. Student ensures they were in the range of camera and invigilator able to see complete posture in picture frame.
5. Total 05 (five) questions are to be attempted.
Answering and uploading (Descriptive Questions)
6. Students will write the answers to the descriptive questions on A-4 size white papers in own handwriting (ruled or plain). The answers are to be written using black or blue pen only. Maximum two sheets may be used to answer each question.
7. Students will write their Name, Program Name, Semester, Examination Roll Number, Subject Code, Date of Examination on each sheet used for answers.
8. The students will scan the written pages of the answers question-wise as one file and upload the same in PDF/(JPG Image) format.
9. No Answer sheets of subjective questions will be accepted through any kind of mail as it will not be considered submitted.
10. Students will have to submit the Answer sheets on the portal within the time frame (30 minutes extra provided for the uploading process)
11. In case of any difficulty students must contact to the technical support team before the time rushes out and they will provide you the necessary help to upload the Answer sheets on the portal.
12. Student need to ensure a working internet connection with 500MB high speed(4 MBPS) data connectivity.
13. Student can do login check by five minutes before the exam scheduled time, if have any query contact to technical support team.
14. Student need to install anydesk/teamviewer (Download anydesk, Download teamviewer) to get support during exam for technical issue and support.

Code of conduct
1. You must take the exam in the same room that you scanned during the proctoring setup for the current exam.
2. No other person is allowed to enter the room while you are taking the proctored exam.
3. The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered "daylight" quality. Overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not available, the source of light must not be behind you.
4. The room must be as quiet as possible. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.
5. You must close all other programs or windows on your testing computer before you begin the exam.
6. You must allow your webcam permission before you begin the exam to till the end of exam.
7. You must dress as though you were in a public setting.
8. You must not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment.
9. You must not communicate with any other person by any means.
10. You must not use a phone for any reason during exam.
11. You must not leave the room during the exam for any reason, unless posted rules for the exam specifically permit you to do so.
12. Google chrome is mandatory for Laptop, Desktop and mobile (Android only).
13. If Start button not visible after exam time refresh Page.
14. In case of any difficulty or problem contact to the exam coordinator/LMS Coordinators of your
department/school or drop a mail on:
Violation of any rule will lead to disciplinary action as per university rules and regulations.

Exam Coordinators
1.A Mr. Jai Sharma, Assistant Professor – Center Supdt. SoET : 8005738342, 9782078962
1.B Mr. Ravi Rai Chaudhary, Assistant Professor (CSA) – Coordinate for all Schools : 7999498783 (WhatsApp)
2. Dr. Santosh Kumar, Assistant Professor (SoS) - Coordinate for SoS, Mobile : 9993612543 (WhatsApp)
3. Dr. Vinay Gupta, Assistant Professor (SoM) - Coordinate for SoM, Mobile : 9425360407 (WhatsApp)
4. Dr. Dinesh Babu Tyagi, Asso. Professor(SoAg.) Coordinate for SoAg. Moble : 9412171965 (Whats APP)
5. Mr. H. K. Pathan, Assistant Professor (SoP) Coordinate for SoP. Moble : 9981014016 (Whats APP)
6. Dr. Vipin Tiwari, Assistant Professor, HoD(SoSE) – Coordinate for SoSE Mobile : 9752169997 (WhatsApp)
7. Ms. Jyoti Tomar, Assistant Professor (SoA) - Coordinate for SoA, Mobile : 9907907983 (WhatsApp)
8. Ms. Chanchal Meghani, Assistant Professor (SoJMC) - Coordinate for SoJMC, Mobile : 7879627247 (WhatsApp)
9.A Ms. Ashwini Sharma, Assistant Professor (SoAD) - Coordinate for SoAD, Mobile : 7974595081 (WhatsApp)
9.B Ms. Sweeti Sharma, Assistant Professor (SoAD) 9302897848
10.A Mr. Mathew George, Assistant Professor (SoNS) - Coordinate for SoNS, Mobile : 7731995266 (WhatsApp)
10.B Mr. Vikash Narwariya, Assistant Professor (SoNS) - Coordinate for SoNS, Mobile : 8770754595 (WhatsApp)
11.A Mr. Priyansh Samadiya(SOL) - Coordinate for SOL., Mobile : 8839180914 (WhatsApp)
11.B Mr. Yogendra Jain, Assistant Professor(SOL) Coordinate for SOL., Mobile : 9039244558 (WhatsApp)

Technical support team members

1. Mr. Anoop Awasthi : 8319968186 (WhatsApp)
2. Mr. Balram Lodhi : 8964969714 (WhatsApp)
3. Mr. Satish Kushwah : 9770462432 (WhatsApp)
4. Mr. Vikash Rao kadam : 9977172555 (WhatsApp)
5.  Mr. Rajendra Singh : 9977401532 (WhatsApp)
6.  Mr. Chandra Prakash : 9009375643 (WhatsApp)
7.  Mr. Prem Kishore : 9981710306 (WhatsApp)
8. Mr. Satish Rathore : 7987904459 (WhatsApp)
9.  Mr. K.D. Sharma : 9827018654 (WhatsApp)
10. Mr. Santosh Shrivastava : 9555409756 (WhatsApp)